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Bellwood Capital is a specialist global equity investment manager based in Cape Town. We manage segregated global stock portfolios for private clients with a long-term view.

This piece makes a lot of sense when it comes to offshore investing for South Africans

Don’t let the Rand dictate your portfolio - Bellwood Capital https://t.co/J7yH7tO6av

"Discussions about how cheap South Africa and the Rand are should be framed within the context of your global asset allocation and the size of the currency premium, if any." https://t.co/EYtW3ZN2Ey

1/ I've been very vocal the last few years about the importance of global investment diversification, yet most Americans continue to allocate 80% to US stocks.

Let me explain, with some help from @bridgewater, why that is a horrible, and easily avoidable mistake.

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