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Bellwood Capital is a specialist global equity investment manager based in Cape Town. We manage segregated global stock portfolios for private clients with a long-term view.

These 10 charts demonstrate how noise and short-termism act to confuse investors, via @AbnormalReturns. Successful investment requires a long-term perspective and the discipline to stick to a fundamentally sound strategy.

Tadas Viskanta@abnormalreturns

[post] Ten Charts That Remind Us That Investing is Hard https://t.co/5kqwTHPDyW

image: https://t.co/QKb3ccrtCO

Every year investors are confronted with an array of predictions for what the year will bring. In our latest post we argue that investors should ignore these forecasts, and we suggest 3 ways to improve your portfolio: https://t.co/gKXmBTr7Nv

+1. Concise and excellent by @morganhousel This understanding of return lies at the heart of our process. https://t.co/5COlilU0u5 via @collabfund

"There are a lot of smart people. There are a lot of good communicators. But there are few of both..." Another good read by @morganhousel https://t.co/VAiBexrInZ via @collabfund

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Burning through cash, growing debt burden, 128x PR - $NFLX https://t.co/dxLuPIo8sI

Crypto exchange customers can’t access $190 million after CEO dies with sole password https://t.co/DUAun9ELPP

Since its IPO in 1997, Amazon has made $20 billion in cumulative net income. Apple made $20 billion in net income last quarter alone.

Amazon market cap: $840 billion (largest company in the world).
Apple market cap: $787 billion.


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