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Bellwood Capital is a specialist global equity investment manager based in Cape Town. We manage segregated global stock portfolios for private clients with a long-term view.

The conventional wisdom in investing is that more information is better than less. But is it really?


A property investment is 1 asset class, in 1 location, with income from 1 person in 1 currency.

Make sure the expected returns justify these risks.

@mayaonmoney @stealthy_wealth @wealthwoke @marclthomas @EpicElian @AdrianSaville @gradidgec @your_money_blog @MagnusHeystek 1/ I think the heart of this issue is not about which factor (local/offshore) will do better, but whether it is reasonable to place <1% of the world and the other >99% on equal footing, just because you live in the <1%.

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Consecutive tweets on my TL: "South Africa Stuck in Longest Business-Cycle Slump Since 1945" followed by "US current economic recovery will turn out to have been the longest in American history". Don't let any SA politicians fool you that our current demise is not an own-goal

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